Automation tools

  • IVR available with integrations to payment gateways delivers inbound automated voice recordings and DTMF or voice menus, combined with Real-Time Analytics,  ASR, and TTS
  • Templates allow users to define different media which may be integrated with JODO Cloud system for campaign Operations.
  • Chat-Bots  interactive, Agent-less communications for FAQ and enhanced user experiences.
  • Single Sign-On Combines communication channel controls with CRM’s to provide a single environment for agents to help customers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Stay on top of everything with JODO real-time monitoring for your enterprise and contact center, Jodo provides real-time monitoring of all metrics that are important to your enterprise like total agents logged in, abandoned calls, not available agents, average waiting time, talk time, hold time, wrap-up agents, and total calls handled for all agents handling Inbound calls.

Use real-time monitoring to easily track and improve call center performance, and ensure quality service for your customers.


Provides the functionality to append search-criteria based information to recording files, for ease of reference and storage/retrieval, including CRM fields and IVR options, etc.

The screen capture functionality allows recording of the agent’s desktop screen for monitoring, training and recording purposes.