With extended ACD functionality, queue announcements, caller wait times and queue position announcements, callers are always kept best informed. The extended routing capabilities of JODO Voice includes target routing based on skills, teams, departments, languages, and geographies, ensuring your calls get through to the right resource, the first time. JODO Voice provides a one-stop Inbound voice routing solution, in the cloud.

Communication channels

  • Multimedia – Video calling, conferencing and support features for customer services, meetings, seminars, webinars and other visual communications, including screen share facilities.
  • Text-Based – providing multiple channels with SMS, email, and web chat, utilizing the same granular routing capabilities as inbound Voice.
  • Inbound Voice – with core ACD functions and extended routing and queueing capabilities, skills-based routing, call controls and screen pops.
  • Social Media – integrating with Facebook, Twitter, and other solutions, providing direct access to online accounts, auto-responders and monitoring.

Inbound Features

  • ACD: Dynamic caller allocation to agents via pre-defined business rules. Optimized call allocations for inbound voice interactions.
  • CALLER WAIT TIME AND QUEUE POSITION: Callers are informed of their estimated wait time and queue position, allowing them to decide to wait or call back at another time, giving them better transparency of relative wait times.
  • IN-QUEUE ANNOUNCEMENTS: Callers may be processed with unique in-Queue announcements, unique to each Queue, providing upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • TRANSFER AND CONFERENCE: Call functions supporting real-time resource interactions and assisted transfers.
  • ROUTING CAPABILITIES: Callers are routed based on pre-defined business rules to (skills, teams, departments, services, etc.) and may also be routed based on real-time (in Queue) availabilities.


  • ACD QUEUE TRANSFER: Resource-driven re-routing capabilities for more effective management of customer expectations.
  • CALLBACK SOLUTION: Provide the ability for callers to request a callback, based on expected wait times.
  • DATA TRANSFERS: Caller, selection, customer and routing data inputs may be transferred to desktops or to pre-populate CRM systems saving handling time, with the same information available for reporting or monitoring purposes.
  • SCREEN CAPTURE: Supporting business risk management, quality monitoring, resource training, and compliance – including the ability to mask sensitive data.